About Jae Ehrich-Meyer


I am passionate about the exploratory nature of healing and take great joy in the partnership between practitioner and client that facilitates the healing process.

In my first experiences with chiropractic, I was astounded by the way that simple gentle touch and the release of tension from my body lightened so many aspects of my life and reduced pain in my body. I was inspired to learn more about chiropractic and this started me on the road to becoming a chiropractor myself.

I graduated with a doctorate of chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA in June of 2007. I quickly moved from California to Vermont to begin practicing. I was introduced to and fell in love with Vermont as a child through spending time visiting my extended family and I have been very grateful to have had the opportunity to settle here. 

I founded RiverSide Chiropractic in Montpelier in 2008 and have enjoyed practicing here ever since. I continue to participate in a variety of post-graduate seminars particularly in the areas of philosophy, analysis and hands-on techniques.


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