Fees, Forms & Policies

Fee Changes Beginning Aug 1:

Out of pocket office visit: $60 adults; $40 children up to age 18

Zero Balancing session: $90

No-Show Fee: $45

Covid-19 Policies

** If you experience ANY symptoms of respiratory illness, fever, chills, widespread muscle pain, unusual headache, a new loss of taste or smell or symptoms of flu-like illness, you must cancel your appointment. There will be NO CHARGE for cancelling due to illness regardless of how late you cancel. You are advised to contact your primary health care provider and to obtain a test for Covid if you present with any of these symptoms, even mildly. **

* I will be closely monitoring my own health and will immediately cancel appointments if myself or those that I have close contact with show symptoms. I will also have myself tested in that event and immediately inform any person with whom I have had close contact including clients.

* I will be wearing a face-covering.

* All appointments will be one individual at a time so that there will only be myself and you in the adjusting room during your appointment.

** It will be very helpful to myself and others if you are on time for your appointments as much as possible. **

* If you and a family/household member are both receiving adjustments, it is ok to schedule your appointments together.

* Unless it is unavoidable, please come alone to your appointment. Please contact me if you need to bring someone with you to assist you so that I can make arrangements for that with you.

* At times there may be another person in the waiting area. Please remember to practice social distancing, providing at least 6-feet of space between you and others. If you would like to visit with a non-household member, please take longer conversations outside if at all possible.

* Adjusting tables will be cleaned after each use. Surfaces such as door handles and counters will be cleaned before the workday begins, at midday and at the end of the day. Proper disinfectant cleaner will be used.

* I will not have blankets and pillows available because I cannot adequately clean them. You may bring your own with you to use if you wish. I will continue to offer bolsters for your legs.

* There is a list of 6 Covid-related questions posted that you must answer before each appointment.

** Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns or recommendations about all of this, I welcome your feedback. **

It is my belief that anyone can benefit from chiropractic care and I celebrate the diversity of reasons for seeking out this form of healing. During your first visit we will meet for about an hour to discuss your reasons and goals for seeking chiropractic care, your history, and for you to ask questions and to learn more about chiropractic. 

We routinely mail a health history form to you before your first appointment so that you can fill it out ahead of time. You may also print that form from the link below.

Health History Questionnaire: Health History RiverSide Chiropractic

Child and Youth Health History Questionnaire: Child and Youth History

Statement of Purpose: Statement of Purpose RiverSide.pages

Notice of Privacy Practices: HIIPA Notice

Insurance Policy:

We are able to bill BCBS, Cigna, Medicaid and Medicare health insurance directly. Please notify us prior to your first appointment if you would like us to bill your insurance.

Please Note:

Neither Medicaid nor Medicare will pay for chiropractic exams and yet it is required that an initial exam is done before beginning treatment. You will be charged an out of pocket fee on your first appointment for the exam if you have Medicaid or Medicare insurance. Usually this fee does not exceed $100. For most individuals with Medicaid insurance, the fee is $80.

Most Medicare plans do not cover the portion of the chiropractic work that I do that addresses your extremities and soft tissue. There is therefore typically an out of pocket charge of $20 per visit to cover this portion of the service. If you have medicaid insurance as well as medicare then this fee is waived.

Fees for services if payment is received on the day of service:

Initial Chiropractic Exam and Adjustment:  $100 

Chiropractic Adjustment/Routine Office Visit:  $60 (adults); $40 (kids)

Zero Balancing session (45-60 min): $90 (this service is not covered by insurance)


Cancellation Policy:

Please call us at 262-6097 to cancel or change an appointment.

An appointment that is missed without contacting us or appointments that are repeatedly cancelled with less than 24-hours notice will result in a $45 fee.

Exceptions are gladly made for extenuating circumstances.

Please note that your insurance cannot be billed for a missed appointment.

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